Filter Presses 

Weave Filtration custom designs and engineers Filter Presses to meet your needs. We start with the scope of the project and discuss application specifics such as process requirements, wetted material compatibility, and filter press capacity. We offer press sizes ranging from 470mm to 2000mm with up to 200 plates per press and we group each press into one of the below categories.

  • Manual w/ Hand Pump Closure Operation
  • Semi-Automatic w/ Air/Oil Operation
  • Automatic w/ Electro/Hydraulic Operation

We then discuss the following details to really get a sense of your day-to-day operation, making sure you get the correct Filter Press for your application and not just another off the shelf unit. Our focus is a long-term return on your investment.

We supply all industries and have the expertise to fine tune the equipment for each application. Along those lines, we will also discuss the following options:

  • Fast Cycling Hydraulics
  • Plate Shifting 1, 5, 10, Half or All Plates at once
  • Communication to Customer DCS
  • HMI Local Control for Press Operation
  • Spare Parts Readily Available
  • Filter Cloth and Plate Optimization
  • Mobile Filter Press Rental Options

Every detail is important to us, ensuring the reliability and service you can count on with your partner, Weave Filtration. Contact us today to discuss your next Filtration Project!

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